The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 10

It’s my week off this week!

Lots of work to get done, so I’ll be posting bits of Sweetangel to save myself some time.

Enjoy- excuse me while I jam my head into work mode.


Poulter gave a cough at that time,

Then with a shudder he rose from the bed,

His face pale and as tight as a drum.

“Did you save my life?” asked Poulter,

“My chest is a cauldron of pain,” he said,

“And I was sure that my time had come.”


“You’ll live for a while,” said Mama,

“I fixed your heart, but you need to fill it,”

“Or you won’t last more than a tenday.”

“Thank you Mama Grave,” said Poulter,

“I consider your debt to me fulfilled,”

“Ten days is more than I can repay.”


Mama Grave bid them all farewell,

And gave young Turtle a good-luck bone charm,

Which reminded Longthorn of her words.

“Poulter,” he said, “Listen to me,”

“Sweetangel is just a ghost we conjure,”

“To shift blame and to cope with our hurts.”


“The fact is, your wife met her end,”

“It’s a tragedy I wish I could salve,”

“But the villains we seek are real.”

“It may be too late for your wife,”

“But we can still rescue Frog for Turtle,”

“And maybe then your heart can heal.”


“Mr. Poulter,” whispered Turtle,

“I believe that you’ll live if you help me,”

“And I believe that Frog can be saved.”

Poulter replied: “You two can stop,”

“I took this case already, didn’t I?”

“I will not let the child be enslaved.”




by Bret

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