The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 7


Enjoy a bit more Sweetangel while I languish on mobile broadband!


It did her no good in the end,

For Turtle was quite upset by her lies,

And kicked the blunderkiss from her hand.

“What have you done with my sister?”

“Is Sweetangel not to blame after all?”

Poor Turtle needed to understand.


“Don’t be a fool!” said Mrs Pearl,

“There is no such creature as Sweetangel,”

“It’s a tale made to cover the truth,”

“Folks go missing in Saltpetre,”

“Good people are preyed upon most of all,”

“But the rest find it all too uncouth.”


“Sweetangel took my friend,” they say,

“It spirited away by poor brother,”

“But the fact is that people just go.”

“That’s just the hunger of cities,”

“That’s the treachery in the hearts of men,”

“Fear each other, not Sweetangel, no.”


“Answer her question,” said Longthorn,

“If people are to blame for our lost ones,”

“Then at least our wrath has a target.”

He checked on Poulter as he spoke,

Amazed to find that his partner yet lived,

Just one breath away from a casket.


“We see many urchins,” said Pearl,

“The electrum quarter is full of them,”

“With no one to notice them missing.”

“A man gives me ten pounds for each,”

“That I rescue from begging and starving,”

“And deliver to him for digging.”


“Digging?” asked Longthorn, quite relieved,

As some cases had much fouler endings,

That might have broken young Turtle’s heart.

“In the lodeshell mines,” Pearl confessed,

“The little ones are best for small spaces,”

“Cross Alley is the place you should start.”



by Bret

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