uDraw GameTablet coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 for Christmas!

Morning all! While toying with a little sketching myself (I’m rubbish) I found myself increasingly interested in the more user friendly types of graphics tab out there.

When THQ announced that the uDraw GameTablet was coming to the Xbox and PS3 on November the 18th, I was suitably intruiged. Early reports of the tablet on the Wii have been promising but as with all things Wii, it’s easy to automatically consign the uDraw to the scrap heap of one-play-only gimmickry.

This would be a mistake, judging from what I’ve seen so far. Chiggidy-check this. Clearly the uDraw has potential as a kind of accessible graphics tab; a gentle, game orientated introduction into the word of computer art that is easy to use by plebs like me and has uses for a little party/family gaming.

Prepologies to the anti-capitalists camped out around the country but I gotta say it: this release has muchos Christmas purchase potential.

Games-wise the roster is limited at the moment; Pictionary, Marvel Super Hero Squad and Disney Princess. It seems likely that some of the others currently out for the Wii will be converted to Xbox and PS3 in due course- but I’d really love to see them utilise the power of the bigger consoles and do some kind of non-kiddy game which employs the stylus. Maybe a graphic novel adventure like Hotel Dusk, or some kind of RPG with stylus sword slashing and things like that. The uDraw will come with Instant Artist HD, an upgrade on the Wii’s uDraw Sutdio, to get you sketching willies and boobies in no time at all.

The addition of HD is bound to make the uDraw gain a larger following among arty types and disposing of the Wiimote will make for a less cumbersome, more streamlined tool.

New features include:

High-definition art creation and gameplay

A stylus with greater sensitivity for more detailed results

Tilt and motion features

Direct touch-screen control that incorporates pinch-and-stretch and rotation features


Well, what more could you want? I feel that while this peripheral is in danger of the gimmick stigma, it actually deserves recognition and support, especially given the sleeker versions. We need new ways of playing games.


by Bret

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