2014 and the Healthening Strikes Back

2014 and the Healthening Strikes Back

Happy new year!


Yes, it’s that time again, where we celebrate the cycle of the year. 365 days passed since last time. Gadzooks!

Cycles are deeply ingrained in us. I don’t mean bicycles, though they can get pretty deeply ingrained as well, especially on a bumpy road. As the world turns and the seasons change, our attitudes and fortunes ebb and flow. Time changes everything, even while history repeats itself.

Sooner or later, we have to get our retrospecs on. We must take stock of the year passed, gain perspective, sieve through our accumulated experience for the nuggets of wisdom. We accept and we move on. New Years Day doesn’t mean a great deal to me, but I do consider it to be somewhat like a communal birthday. Everyone can collectively pick themselves up and say ‘Arg, I feel old/tired/hungover. What next, bitches?’.

So, we shall. For me, this will largely take the form of a renewed writing effort. The project I’m working on is going well (I hope I can announce it soon), while my editing creeps along for Splinters of Truth. The Firebird was modestly successful and a great trial run. Let me take the opportunity to thank everyone again who downloaded it, bought it, shared it, read it and enjoyed it. You rock, because you give the entire endeavour a new quality of achievement, external to the writer’s own enjoyment and pride.

Oh, also, the Healthening must be renewed. I got a bit lax, which is to say, I started stuffing my face again over Christmas. And November. And October.

The weigh-in isn’t great- I’ve regained some weight. I am, as of today, 13 stone and 9 pounds. 191 pounds. Basically, I’ve put a stone and a half back on, but I’m still well below the 16 stone I started at!

So, more effort needed, but I don’t foresee it being a problem. Time will restore the damage and renew my determination. I intend to include more general exercise too, something I dipped my toe in towards the end of last summer. Diet alone is just burning fat- it’s time to build fitness too.

So, with teeth gritted against the waning winter (which grows fiercer before being tamed, like all cornered animals do), I intend to have a damn well productive 2014. I extend my most benevolent wishes to all of you, my friends and family and anyone who needs them.

The cycle continues.

by Bret

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