Ape-ril Orangutan Writing Contest!

Ape-ril Orangutan Writing Contest!

Let’s give those creative brain tendons a stretchin’ with a writing contest!


I need people to sponsor me, to help the Sumatran Orangutan Society protect their namesake from some serious dangers. You can do this while having fun. Yay!

The Sumatran orangutan is classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, the World Conservation Union. There are now only around 6,600 remaining in the wild. Orangutans were found in forests across Sumatra but now only survive in two provinces: North Sumatra and Aceh. Experts suggest that they could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct in the wild. The greatest threats to their survival are habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Just £22 could buy veterinary supplies to safely evacuate an orangutan in danger.

That’s just not on, so let’s make a humble step towards helping out.


Here’s the plan.

I want to invite everyone to a little creative writing competition!

To gain entry simply email your entry to me at bret@bretallen.info, or post it on the comments form below. Then to qualify, donate something to the SOS at this link https://ape-ril2014.everydayhero.com/uk/bret (any amount is fine to qualify you, but you must remember to make your email or name known on the form, or I won’t know whose entry has qualified). More on the actual rules shortly.

Now, prizes.

Naturally I can’t give money, it would defeat the object. Here’s what I can do for the story I deem the best:

  1. I’ll share your story on the blog and give you some good old-timey promotion.
  2. I’ll guest spot for you and vice versa if you blog too, or just post about your work (and where to buy it if you’re published).
  3. You get a handsome SOS orangutan toy their online store. You can have the adult or the baby! http://shop.orangutans-sos.org/cuddly_toys/43_orangutan_toy_baby

Cool, no?

So, these are the rules:

  1. You must sponsor my beard this Ape-ril, any amount is fine. Opt to have your details know to me or it defeats the object.
  2. Your story must feature an orangutan, but how and why are entirely up to you (maybe it’s a guy dressed as one, or a robot orangutan, or anything similarly creative).
  3. You have a word limit of 6,600- the number of Sumatran orangutans remaining in the wild. You can, however, go as short as you like- flash fiction of 100 words is fine.
  4. You must use the words ‘beard’, ‘crisis’ and ‘orangutan’. You can use orang-utan, Orang Hutan (that means Person of the Forest), or whatever. You can use these words in any context whatsoever and slight variants like ‘beardy’.
  5. Any genre is welcome from poetry to fantasy, but no explicit gore or violence or sexy times, because why?
  6. Competition closes on the 30th Ape-ril!

Okay, then. Get writing!

by Bret

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