Calling all bigmouths: book reviews needed!

Calling all bigmouths: book reviews needed!

Hullo there, noisy-faced gits!


Yes, you! With the big mouth! With the gaping maw, forever spouting talky-wind!

I need you. In fact, I need online bigmouths more than anything (big fingers?!). Anyone who has visited before will know that I’ve got a book out.

Strange Matters: Collected Tales of Fantasy, Myth and Magic.

What I need is help to spread the word, which is where you come in! If you love to shout about books, perhaps just as a general social media users, or a blogger, or reviewer, or indeed as an author yourself, then please make yourself known using the comment form, my social media (links at the top) or the About page.

I’m looking to chuck out a few free copies of my book to anyone who’s happy to give it an honest review, either on their own media, on Amazon’s/Smashwords’ review bit, or preferably all of those.

In return, aside from reading a free book, you’re welcome to send my anything you want me to shout about. I’m not looking for paid reviews, just to spread the word and help others do the same.

So, there you have it- pop to the book section using the link above to find out more about SM.

Hope you have a good week!



by Bret

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