Combat a la Vegetable

Good friday folks.

The brief period of calm before work, cocooned in a cuppa, poised to resist doing any hard work for the next 9 hours. This time could be employed to prepare wonderous things to say or do at work, or perform various household tasks. Instead I will do this, which is more interesting and fulfilling.

Sleepwalkers is mired in the process of checking all the magic ‘spells’. The system is frankly intended so that you don’t need pre-prescribed spells, but the framework is so loose indeed that a set of examples was required. Plus, the set as a whole becomes a character of sorts in the game. It’s a group of 24 words that embody archetypal human ting, not unlike the runes of the Norse culture. Very tempted to work them into some kind of personalised sortilege system.

Tell ya what puts one’s problems into perspextive- I have never done battle with a bear. A bear has not attacked a pet of mind, clawed my leg and then only fled my property after the courageous application of a weaponised Courgette.

This woman has! She battled a 200lb Ursos Americanus with a ballistic zucchini! So today’s post honours her surface-to-bear vegetable violence. THEY DONT LIKE IT.

In other news everything is crap. Poor India’s knackered commonwealth games; such a shame, expected more from them. It would appear that corners have been cut with aplomb; not sure exactly where the blame lies yet but I’m sure someone will be made to stand up for it soon. All their shit is falling down and killing people. It’s like the post apocalypse games. Shit, awesome sketch potential there.

Lastly, a lost language was lifted from a letter in Lima. Some crazy scribble on the back of a 17th century letter points to a previously unknown indigenous language. As a lover of language, this is most cool and/or groovy, though I also wonder if maybe some 17th century conquistador was just making up some funny words. It’s LevIOsa not LevioSA!

Aaagh tea getting cold, must stop typing to partake in beverage. Wana go back to school to learn cheerleading.

Orevwa epi yo dwe san danje nan lous, as they say in Haitian Creole.

by Bret

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