The Middlest Day

Its’ 9.23, in the curious space betwix work and sleep. I’ve decided to blog more, because as the French say, I don’t do it often or vigorously enough.

Of course with my busy (ish) life (ish) I don’t get to go out and absorb amazing events to blog about. My time is spent at work monitoring bingo harridans, writing Sleepwalkers, or wishing I had the money to be absorbing amazing events.

Nonetheless, blog I shall, if only to keep my fingers sharp.

Sleepwalkers is at a great stage where it’s taking days and days just to re-read what I’ve already finished. It must be done though because I keep a) finding faults and b) changing things. The search for illustrators continues in the meantime, and I have made a rudimentary character sheet. I may do an open invite to an RPOL session at some point to drum up some interest.

I have decided to expound and entertain the virtues of Vista Sidebar. When first I got Vista on my pc, I shut it down, proclaiming: I dont need this vertical shit. Frankly, I don’t. However, the gadgets are nice little asides and I have come to find some in particular most worthy of my time.

The first and foremost is notepad; or more accurately, a customised longer notepad I found be searching the Live site. You just click on it, write some crap, and then it stays there. This is immensely useful for someone as forgetful and scatterbrained as me. The second two are simple twitter and facebook updateathon things. They give you new statuses and you can alter your own remotely with them. This is very handy for quick updates and knowing what Simon Pegg is up to at any given moment. Lastly; RSS feeds, on the desktop, giving you ample chances to see bits of news, which is important to a journalist, I’m told. I have BBC worldwide and Reuter’s Oddly Enough piping directly into my face 24/7.

So.. yeah. It’s quiet at the casa del Bret, noisy PC fans notwithstanding. I think I shall watch a film, using my virtual hat, which is a notepad file with several films I feel like watching listed numerically. Upon rolling a dice, I have two hours of entertainment selected for me by the whimsy of the Fates. My life is as crazy as CRAZY BARKING.


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