DLYHL S02E09 – Try To Enjoy It

DLYHL S02E09 – Try To Enjoy It

This one’s smaller?!



You may notice that this episode is way shorter than usual! This is because of new and improved Technical Error!

Thanks to Technical Error, you get all this for free:

  • Shorter podcast for casual listening!
  • Extra funny, pointless sounds!
  • Fluffy co-host voice (test your listening powers!)
  • Dissatisfaction!

We apologise for the problems in this bite-sized episode- Phil will explain at the start. However, life goes on, especially when you have a boy trapped in a vagina and a brew-ha-ha the Tea Brewing Triathlon! Oh, there’s a competition of sorts too!

Enjoy the show- pop over to www.dontloseyourheadline.net to get in touch with us, or use the links on my site to contact me!

by Bret

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