Read my interactive fiction on Mestory!

Read my interactive fiction on Mestory!

A short CYOA by yours truly is free on your mobile!


Greetings all. Anyone who knows me or follows this blog will know that I’m a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure games, as I mentioned in a post a little while ago. You know the ones- turn to page 5 to stab the centaur in the balls, turn to page 201 to run away and hide under a cottage.

Well, I wrote a small piece for a new interactive fiction app called Mestory, as they were using freelance authors to build up a starting catalogue of tales and games. Mestory is a great idea and a prime example of how mobile technology is bringing the CYOA back, just like the folks at Tin Man Games and Thousand Realms. Mestory is by Sowo Corp and basically is a free catalogue of stories, some of which are just straight short stories, some are choice stories (as above) and others are game stories, where you roll dice and track stats to complete an adventure.

You can grab the app here on android or here on iTunes. It’s FREE, as are the stories within! You just download it and browse, play a few stories, rate them (if you read mine, please, please rate it so others know!) and you can write and add your own.

My story on Mestory (ohoho) is called ‘The Night of the Wolf and Sellsword’ and it’s a choice story (you should find it in the list pretty easily), so there’s no dice rolling and it’s just very short. There are plenty of ways to die, but you won’t mind restarting as it’s so short- indeed the deaths just reveal other facets of the story, really. There are a couple of ‘good’ endings too, so let me know which one you get!

The Night of the Wolf and Sellsword is fantasy, focused around a couple of hours at a camp site in the middle of nowhere. Hope you like it- here’s a brief sample for flavour:

You patrol the camp. The time passes slowly, until a noise from the cart startles you from your thoughts.

You step over quickly, drawing your blade. A hooded figure is leaning over the cart! You advance, about to call out, when you spy another figure lurking in the shadows… Artemys? You hesitate and in doing so, seal your fate. There is a growl and a blur of motion from the cart. Something foul smelling and heavy lands on your chest, knocking you down!

Jaws clamp onto your throat. You struggle admirably, hearing cries of alarm, but it’s too late. You bleed out, staring up at the star Kassavar, until all fades to black.

Enjoy TNOTWATS (hahaaa!) and Mestory. Let me know of any cool stories or adventures you find!

by Bret

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