DLYHL S04E03 – Experiment or Excrement?

DLYHL S04E03 – Experiment or Excrement?

It happened again!


Welcome back to another DLYHL- a long, meaty one-hour episode for the serious hardcore fans who want to delve deeper into our world!

We have a church offering no salvation whatsoever and we hear the tale of a right pair of batlickers (do not try this at home, or even in a cave)! Find out all about the Handsome Weeping Boy who’s paid to wipe away your tears and we play the first and last ever game of Experiment or Excrement! It’s educational. Lastly we play another game of You Couldn’t Make It Up, so expect some stories that do not make any sense!

Enjoy- we look forward to hearing from you!

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by Bret

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