The Gist of Taipei

The Gist of Taipei

That’s the tower in the background. Great for the throwing off of strawberries.


I know, my Monday/Thursday update schedule is basically bullshit. But I’m being proactive today because of work tomorrow and hey, the post will still be here tomorrow. OR WILL IT? Here’s a Gist comic, anyway.


Yes, another Gist comic! I feel deeply and awfully in love with Red and Demi, so suck a fuck, I’ve used them again. And I will in future too!

The Gist of Taipei, he said in Heading 2 because the SEOs told him to.

Speaking of the future, I’ve been tinkering with a cyberpunk setting, just for lawks. This will involve the city of Taipei, Taiwan, which is why it was on my mind when I made this. From whence did I get my facts, you ask? Here is the curse word. The facts were from this site. There are many more, I have no doubt. Taipei looks cool, I want to go there and poke a strawberry person and get cleavered apart.

Meanwhile, folks, a new printing of Strange Matters is on the horizon (different printers, same content, nicer feel and look).


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