DLYHL S05E02 – Fake News

DLYHL S05E02 – Fake News

Hello, it’s us again!


This week, listen out at the start for an important announcement from an impotent host! DLYHL will be coming out on Thursday from now on. That means you get a second podcast this week! You lucky dogs.

Furthermoresome! Bret bids Bunker 13 farewell, Chris gets washing himself wrong and Phil sings at a customer for 20 seconds, which is 20 too many.

We cover some thrilling news stories this week: a master criminal called The Horse Stripper is at large, we learn of Russia’s morbid answer to Uber, there’s a glass of OJ you don’t want to drink and finally Chris and Phil enter the post truth era make up some fake news about Trump. Bret keeps calling him ‘Trumpy’?!

Which stories are real? Which stories are alt-real? Don’t forget to join in with #serialjapist!



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by Bret

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