DLYHL S05E10 – Jellyfish Boy

DLYHL S05E10 – Jellyfish Boy

Hello listener types!


This week, Bret has some Resident Evil 7 spoilers for you, Phil is amazed by chicken within sausage and Chris tries to be more fish! Yes, we lead full lives.

Funny news stories, you ask? A guy jumps out of a window after getting dumped (funnier than it sounds and you’ll never see Spiderman the same way again), we play a brand-new game called ‘You Can’t Say Shit With a Brick in Your Mouth’ and we hear about a video game themed brothel in Luxembourg! Are you a Tifa Lockheart guy or perhaps a sucker for Solid Snake?

Enjoy and please feel free to get in touch! Tell yer mates!

by Bret

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