DLYHL S05E11 – Russian Raccoon Rental

DLYHL S05E11 – Russian Raccoon Rental

Hello, fellow ear owners.


There’s no Phil this week! Dennis will be most pleased! He’s away on a vision quest, seeking the Salmon of Doubt, so Chris and Bret are taking up the reins in his stead. This week, one of them has been called a Viking and another has proven that he’s smarter than Phil, but which is which?

We have multiple bizarre news stories for you! A woman fends off a sword-wielding robber, a man goes up, up and away in his beautiful balloon chair and a raccoon is disturbed after a brush with boobs. A man may or may not be the nuisance of Bridgwater and finally, a Bolivian fella tries to scam people with a Jesus fish. Do you ‘bolieve’ it?

Enjoy, digest, get in touch!

by Bret

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