DLYHL S05E15 – Chicken en Cum

DLYHL S05E15 – Chicken en Cum

Just one Cornettooooooo… oh, hello there!


Looks like it’s time for the final episode of season 5, in which our brave heroes (played by Phil Austin, Chris Evans and Bret Allen) find out who faces the forfeit. Chris or not Chris?

BTW, there’s a slight quality wibble mid-episode, due to new recording software. Technology? More like ‘Tsch, No-Likey!’ …So yeah, be a little ear-merciful, please.

Meanwhile, work out which of these news stories are real and fake! There’s a cooking book with a very special ingredient, a Comcast engineer leaves a little surprise for someone’s 10 year old kid and a wedding is a tad disturbed by a boozy, violent maid of dishonour! And is that 2pec the rapper up to no good? (No, us neither).

Enjoy and tune in next week for a light episode that reveals what the forfeit will be!

by Bret

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