DLYHL S06E01 – Holy Crap

DLYHL S06E01 – Holy Crap

Let’s talk about six baby!


Series six, that is, of Don’t Lose Your Headline- the comedy news podcast that puts the old phrase ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ to the test. Can you spot fake news?

This week, faithful of the DLYHL cul- er- fraternity, we have tales from the world of sinners! A robot cop gets assaulted by a human miscreant, a cat up a tree is prepping for battle and all sorts of sixy things are happening in the Florida Game! Did a guy get 6 pool balls lodged in his bottom pocket?

We have two new interactive bits for you, worshippers! One of our personal headlines is fake- tweet us with the #headlie to guess and maybe win a prize! Also join in the #limerock by finishing the limerick and there’s a better, season-end prize to win! JOIN US.

by Bret

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