DLYHL S06E02 – Three Musketeers

DLYHL S06E02 – Three Musketeers

New episode arrival!


We haven’t covered the events in Manchester, because it’s not funny. We extend our deepest condolences to those affected and great admiration to those who helped. The show must go on, so instead we focused our efforts, as ever, on the sillier side of the news- if you want a break from the heavy stuff, press play!

Par example: Phil has a series of headlines relating to drunks and drinking (he loves a glug), Indian women are putting something in their vaginas (and it ain’t Indian men) and a prank in a Poundland gets way out of hand (sorry, this one is a bit harrowing, on reflection). But which of those stories are fake news?

One of our Personal Headlines is fake- tweet or comment #headlies and you could win Chris’ special prize. Also, finish our #limerocks naughty rhyme as there’s a series prize to win!

by Bret

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