DLYHL S06E03 – The Magic Ingredient

DLYHL S06E03 – The Magic Ingredient

Spread your soundginas, it’s time for DLYHL!


This week, Phil is a right old pedal-phile, Chris is getting Hipsterer than ever and Bret makes a black friend?

We have a lovely mixture of suspicious news stories and articles for you, folks. A woman cooks for her husband using a rather special ingredient, that he’s (until now) unaware of. A guest from beyond the veil takes us to the land of the rising sun, to examine strange Japanese toilets. Last of all, we have a series of mystery headlines about drug-related hijinx! The things people will do to avoid getting charged…

But which are real and which are fake? Listen, play along, have a laugh and don’t forget to join in with our #headlies to win a Haiku from Bret and #limerekd poems to battle for the season listener crown!

by Bret

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