Write: Super Something For a Day

Hail, writers and readers!


It never hurts to sharpen one’s writing skills, so why not try a little short exercise? Who knows, it may spark some great ideas or lead onto a full piece of fiction.


Superpower For a Day

So, it’s a classic group question, the kind that often comes up in advice¬†about breaking the ice (in horrendously unnatural ways) at parties:

If you could choose any super power for a day, what would it be?

The fun part of this question is, of course, watching comic book nerds (whom I love) trying furiously to come out with the cleverest, or most obscure, or most powerful power they can recall or imagine. The power to have more powers! Psychic powers as per Charles Xavier- comics version, not movies, obvs! To be invisible so I could look at vagindings!

Anyway, yeah. We can do better than that, right? What would yours be? I’m admittedly tempted by the psychic powers, nice and flexible. For just one day, though… flight. Surely?

When it comes to writing prompts, of course, the question gets bigger. What happens if a random person gets these powers, out of the blue? Can they control them? Do they go mad with it?¬†Is there a shadowy government agency dedicated to catching ’24 hour powered people’?

Okay, go and write that short story now, before I do.


by Bret

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