DLYHL S06E08 – Summer of Something

DLYHL S06E08 – Summer of Something

Roll up, sports fans!


Chris is hosting this week and he’s doing a sports thing! See how well Phil and Bret know the world of outside motion games. Meanwhile, Chris has been to the fish zoo, Bret has been cementing his singleness and Phil has one last two-wheeled mishap!

This week we have a ding-dong flasher (no, us neither?!) who’s actually a bit scary. Phil and Chris play a game of You Couldn’t Make It Up, using a rather limited set of words from the wordsmith. You’ll be amazed. Finally, we hear some sports team names that are real head scratchers- but which are real and which are fake? Use your brain guesses!

Don’t forget to join in with the #headlies and you can win Chris’s sporting present, plus thanks to all who join in #limerekd and be cool!

by Bret

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