DLYHL S06E07 – A Super Sunshine Day

DLYHL S06E07 – A Super Sunshine Day

Hello dear children, welcome to happy fun times at DLYHL!


This episode is child-safe and has hardly any swearing or dead people at all. Bret, Chris and Phil are having a super sunshine day in lollipop forest and beyond!

Sit comfortably and listen to story time, as Bret pulls his pole, Phil gets bumped off his bike and Chris crashes part of a car. Don’t worry kids, we’re all fine! But what of news from the outside world? We get educational with a series of headlines about the French, with key words blanked out for your guessing enjoyment. We also have a story about a nuclear power plant offering a somewhat sexist way to get new interns! We hear about a naughty man lying with a lizard or two and we learn about a man who has a police car adventure! Woweee!

Remember not to stay up past bedtime while listening, and be good for Uncle Chris and don’t forget to join in with our #headlies and #limerekd poems.


by Bret

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