Don’t Lose Your Headline 06.5 – Christmas Special

Don’t Lose Your Headline 06.5 – Christmas Special

Because it’s Christmas, we arsed around.


Indeed, it’s that time of year reserved for feasting and fun, to make winter seem a little less bleak and killy.

To that end, we won’t be making DLYHL again until the first week of Jan. Too busy with merriment! Similarly, this will be my last blog post until early Jan.

What we do have for you is an episode of Don’t Lose Your Headline with a laid back style, this time playing a little game where we randomise questions for each other. No scoring here, just talking rubbish. We touch on a few of the stories of the series so far, such as portaloos and what turns us on. Indeed. See you soon folks, enjoy!


by Bret

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