Introducing the Inquisition…

For reasons unknown, I have decided to share some characters with the world.

These characters are loosely grouped as ‘The Inquisition’ for no good reason. They were invented by me and my good pal Chris, during my wild Uni days.

We would arse about laughing at purile jokes and making up stupid characters to amuse ourselves. There are many of them; for now, I have just drawn three.

By drawn, I mean scribbled. Personally I think that method works for them; they are meant to be misfits and poorly constructed.

If you’re ever thinking that your life sucks, remember these guys; Legmouth, Panface and Brainwrong. Try to have this tune in mind for Legmouth.

If I had to live with legmouth, what kind of life would that be?


by Bret

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