New Strange Matters Poster

New Strange Matters Poster


That’s right, I have a new poster for Strange Matters!

I’m posting about the poster (indeed) here because it’s just as swanky in digital form as in print.

Those in my local area: look out for the print poster appearing soon! Anywhere I can get away with it!

Digital fans of Strange Matters, you might fancy this for reposting and suchlike (click for biggerness):

Strange Matters fantasy myth story collection

If you are a person with an area¬†available in meatspace to put up a physical copy (they’re A3), and you’d like to support Strange Matters, please drop me a line! You can get me on the comments form below or the social media links at the top.

I have a few free spares to give out to those who’d like to keep it strange!

Next up: a new episode of Don’t Lose Your Headline, which should be available on Monday.

by Bret

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