Don’t Lose Your Headline e2 – Pubstitution

Don’t Lose Your Headline e2 – Pubstitution


Yep, it’s Monday, which means more Don’t Lose Your Headline!

This week features Rasta survival, a chap from Japan with ‘grate’ expectations and a D.U.I involving G.O.D. 

This is only our second podcast episode. Please give it a listen, let us know if you enjoy it.

The show follows a game of bluffing, with a series of news headlines which could be real or fake, not helped by their bizarreness. Play along as Phil and I try to guess which of our stories are nonsense!

As always, feel free to send in funny stories, ideas for fake stories or cool news sources to us via twitter, facebook, or the comments section (top and bottom of this page).



by Bret

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