Our Daily Beard – 02/02/13

Today I am endeavouring to lend my acumen to the Which? brand of magazines.

Don’t thank me, guys. Just embrace it. It’s my calling in life.


Which? magazines are very useful for comparing things to similar things. You want to buy a camera? Oh, my friend, you’re probably asking yourself… which camera should I buy? Well, open Which Camera? and behold several cameras compared by price, function and overall worth.

No problem with the format. Information is important to decision making. Frankly, I can’t tell most similar objects apart, especially cars. However, I feel that they have missed out on some key areas where people need reviews and comparisons and star ratings.



Which Prime Minister?

Which Blunt Murder Weapon?

Which Side Of The Bed?

Which Excuse?

Which Suicide Method?

Which Hazel?

Which Vertebrae?

Which Extinction Event?

Which Comparison Site?

Which Mammal?

Which Which Magazine?


This is only scratching the surface. There are so many things that need to be compared. Editors: sort it out. I don’t mind helping. Here you go, I’ll get you started on Which Blunt Murder Weapon: Snow globe – 3 out of 5 stars. Very dramatic scene of falling blood and snowy fluid. Glass shatter is satisfying, but coupled with globe contents makes for a forensic nightmare.

Make it happen.


by Bret

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