Our Daily Beard – 01/02/13

I’m trying to come up with a 100 word story.


I’d love to enter this Kobo/Jeffrey Archer competition – Sir Clickington.

It’s hard. Here’s the first attempt:


I used to be a wizard. Nobody else knows. I had power at my fingertips. Respect, too.

But I lost my power, cursed by the drink. Bad spirits. Now, I struggle to even speak. My beard is knotted, my robes tattered. I reek, unwashed, shuffling from place to place with no home of my own. Disgraced.

People mistake my tales of myth and magic for madness, brought on by the drink. They don’t believe me. They see only the addled, bearded ruin. The tramp. Only I can remember.

They call me a drunkard, but I used to be a wizard.



by Bret

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