Our Daily Beard – 05/02/13

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday!

Let’s see, what have I been up to?

Well, writing and working, of course. My current project is a short story- my last one for the foreseeable future, perhaps outside of the odd flash fiction for the blog.

I began writing it as a present for my girlfriend for Christmas, but it took too long! However, it’s nearly done. I’m not sure yet whether it will be posted on here, or reserved just for the compilation, or neither. It’s about Bastet, everyone’s favourite cat goddess.

While that simmers, I’ve been preparing to embark on the Next Big Project. I was torn for a while, between my personal Everest, Aegis (the unwritten novel we all have lurking) and continuing with Sleepwalkers.

Well, I’m erring on the latter. I’ve done so much work on the Sleepwalkers RPG, that it’s basically a completely realised setting, lacking only properly tested mechanics. Rather than shelve all that work, I’m going to write a standalone novel set in the same world. Simultaneously, I hope to finish said mechanics. Working on both at the same time should keep me rooted in the right frame of mind.

Mechanics wise, I’ve been hoping to find a suitable OGL, because my own mechanics make my head hurt and I don’t have the time to test them enough. I’ll keep you posted, but here’s an initial update:

RuneQuest is a no go. Love the mechanics- and the book itself, it’s very freeform- but their licence would mean turning Sleepwalkers into little more than a supplement. While it would work very nicely, it’s not my intention.

What form will the Sleepwalkers novel take? Will it feature anyone from the Sleepwalkers short stories I’ve done?

Squiggly and no.

See you soon everyone!



by Bret

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