Our Daily Beard – 06/02/13

Craaaaaab people.

Today heralds the arrival of Dragonborn on PC!

Yes, the acclaimed Skyrim DLC is out now, to be downloaded from Steam [http://store.steampowered.com/app/226880/] or shop bought (ha!) for £13.99.

For any who don’t know yet, it takes you to the island of Solstheim, just off the Morrowind coast. New towns, new people, new things to stab. It’s very pretty- dare I say even more so than the lovely snowy glaciers of Dawnguard?

Naturally there’s new shouts and the much celebrated ability to tame and ride dragons, while you go up against the original Dragonborn. He was the first, you see, and presumably a bit of a tool, so it’s really awkward.

Advice to those purchasing Dragonborn:

  1. Use kinect controls to assign something you use often to the Bow slot, so that you can enjoy saying “Equip- Bo!” like Craig David.
  2. Make your character a Redguard who looks like Craig David.
  3. Name your character Craig David.


by Bret

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