Our Daily Beard – 10/02/13

Spent today reading RPG books while at work (pretty sweet, non?).

I’ve taken the executive decision to ‘do’ Sleepwalkers as a Basic Role Playing Monograph, provided that they accept my submission. BRP is a cool and really thorough system, simple but complex enough to get lots of nice realism and detail. Plus it’s got a following, so I don’t mind the fact that the book wouldn’t be standalone.

In other words- you’d need the BRP book to play it, but the BRP book is awesome and popular, so no loss. Then, you’ll all be able to play it too, without my clunky D12 obsessed mechanics.

Failing that, bah, I’ll make it run on an avant-garde system of eating competitions and stern looks.

I have found a very nice barebones system called D6 Pool, check it out at this site. It’s really light on rules, which isn’t a good point for many people, but the idea is that you can pick it up and play within a few minutes. It’s not like you can’t add your own details depending on setting. Did you ever see the game Fudge? Well, it’s that, with incremental pools based on skill levels, akin to White Wolf.

Do you ever feel like there’s an RPG mechanic somewhere just out of reach that hasn’t been done before? It’s perfect: flexible yet defined, simple yet detailed, realistic yet fun-first. It probably uses some hitherto unknown concept instead of dice, like, origami.

Well, there isn’t. But tons of ace games already exist! Wish me luck with the monographing!

In other Sleepwalkers news…

Novel wise, I’m going to radically alter the main character. The location will probably change too. Woops!

See you tomorrow folks, keep rollin’!

by Bret

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