Our Daily Beard – 11/03/13


Not a lot going down today, so I’m going to share a press release for something that sounds very cool and free, which is always nice.

Oh, also, I need to eat humble pie.

The reason for this is that I stated in my commentary on Assassin’s Creed 4 that one could use a brace of pistols like it was cutting edge newness.


I hadn’t spent much time with the odd trade-item-making-sort-of-sub-game thing in AC3, so only just realised that you can indeed have two pistols on your belt in AC3.

That is, once you’ve spent ages helping the homesteaders deliver beans or harass women or find a missing toupee or whatever.


So, yes, the free and funky event.


‘Birmingham City University and Creative Networks are hosting a free event this month exploring the media experiences we encounter and the future media experiences we can expect as a result of online and technological developments.


Speaking at the event on Thursday 28 March will be media and technology producer, Jason DaPonte, who’ll be making predictions about some of the changes we can expect to see as a result of television, games consoles and other similar devices becoming connected and providing us with more engaging and personal experiences.


Jason will also discuss his work as Managing Director of The Swarm, a digital creative company who produce and design digital content and services for the television, arts and culture sectors. The company has worked with broadcasters and producers from over 20 countries on transmedia strategies and productions, with Jason’s previous roles including working as an Executive Producer for BBC Online and working in digital roles for FOX and The Washington Post.


Hosts of the event, Creative Networks, brings together parties involved in screen and sound media in the West Midlands, promoting both successful business development and collaboration.

The event runs from 5.45pm until 8:45pm at Birmingham City University’s Millennium Point campus. To book your place email creative.networks@bcu.ac.uk, call 0121 331 5400, or register online at www.creativenetworksonline.com.’


So, yeah- free learning about stuff! Excellent, cheers Creative Networks!


by Bret

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