The Saga of Sweetangel – Part 12

Bit more!

Holiday going well so far, except for an unpleasant sore throat and cold, which is hardly an aid to writing.

Still, at least I don’t have to work- Walking Dead and meatballs it is.


Longthorn stifled a gasp of shock,

For within was the Hashmiri called Dhrudj,

A villain he knew from the Navy.

Dhrudj had once been a privateer,

Famed for the harsh treatment of his crewmen,

And for a total lack of mercy.


Longthorn’s frigate had been boarded,

During the Battle of Greywater Bay,

And Dhrudj took him as his prisoner.

The Hashmiri had been most cruel,

His prison fetid and his whip busy,

And Longthorn swore vengeance on the cur.


Dhrudj and his ally walked away,

Down a trapdoor that led to hidden depths,

So Poulter and Longthorn crept behind.

Turtle followed close behind them,

Staying silent and determined to help,

But scared of what evil they might find.


Under the warehouse were tunnels,

A maze of shambling, haphazard mineshafts,

Like the throat of an earthen dragon.

Here and there they met a sentry,

But Poulter did his best work in the dark,

Slipping through the shadows like satin.


Time became harder to measure,

As they slashed their way through the torch-lit mine,

Hiding when rail-carts came groaning past.

Finally they heard pickaxes,

And the chilling whisper of rustling chains,

Echoing from a chamber quite vast.



by Bret

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