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So. I’ve been toying with some notions.

The first is of adopting a pen name- do you think there’s much place for this anymore? It would be quite nice to have that degree of separation, but it’s probably defunct- after all, your details are all over the web these days unless you’ve been very careful from a young age.

The second is of re-branding my blog. I like ‘The Bearded Wordsmith’, but sometimes wonder if it isn’t time for a fresh start. I do like using the title to create a kind of character to blog as, but wonder if it’s ‘me’ enough (for one, I only have a modest beard- the name implies a mighty Santa-like affair). It would be very easy indeed to just start a new blog with a new name and put it on a site like blogger which is free (I’m paying for hosting after all) and has a built-in infrastructure.

What do you think folks?

If you could- please register for this site. That gives me an idea of how many people I’d be displacing if I started fresh, as well as giving me a way to directly warn you when it happens (if).

Anyway, for now, I’m still beardy old Bret.



by Bret

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