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Well, we’re all getting bombarded with Xbox related anticipation this week.

I’m going to join the trend and take five minutes to look at Microsoft’s teaser ads.

No doubt you’ve seen the splash page- A New Generation Revealed!

We’re invited to watch a live cast a-la Sony PS4 on our web devices and Xboxes on the 21st of May, just under a month from now.

You can get your tweet on too- #XboxReveal!

But frankly, it’s too far away for me to get excited and I won’t be able to afford it anyway, so that’s that.

What are we hoping to see on this new generation console?

Well, there have been rumours for a while of Kinect integration- the device would come built-in to the next Xbox and hopefully upgraded to be a bit more accurate. While I love the innovation of the Kinect, I hardly ever use it- it’s just kid’s games, keep-fit games and half an hour of failing to have my gestures recognised because my living room is too small. Being able to talk to the Xbox is the best part for me! More integration of talk and gesture into normal controller based games would be excellent.

There was an online kerfuffle a while back about the possibility that the new Xbox would be ‘always online’ with a permanent connection to the interwebs. I get it, but it’s just not convenient. For the average non-rich-American, a constant internet connection isn’t always viable. Nor is it very pleasing to the info-savvy generation to have their data constantly being fed back to Big Brother.

Wait a minute… a screen in every household… with a camera pointed at the living space… always connected…

I’m sure the new Xbox will be double-plus-good.


by Bret

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