Our Daily Beard – 26/03/13

Got another interesting missive today.

This one was an update from Evans Cycles, a cycle and cycling apparel company.

They make the very good point that lighter evenings are a-coming, bringing much opportunity for bike riding.

Now, I haven’t ridden a bike in years. Part of the reason is that I’ve suffered with arthritis since a young age, so I didn’t do all that much riding in childhood. Another part is moving to the city (well, Stoke) which is less amenable to cycling. I don’t want to get flattened by a car.

However, this email did make me think twice. It’s time to get back on the cycle. I must track down a cheap one and see if I can even remember how to ride (yeah, yeah, you never forget).

Cycling certainly has benefits for portly and arthritic fellows like myself, because unlike jogging, it’s low impact. Less strain on one’s joints by far.

I might take a looksee at Evans’ RideIt! Scheme and I suggest anyone else who likes cycling or is interested in it does the same. Any incentive that might give you the extra push to get moving is a good thing.

RideIt! comprises of various mountain bike and sportive events across the country. These each vary from beginner’s routes to advanced routes, at each event. To see if there’s one near you, check out this link.

Maybe I’ll see you out there!


Evans cycles


by Bret

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