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Afternoon mortals!

Okay, so obviously I’m excited about GTA: V, but as I’ve said before, I’m not very clued-in regarding cars. I didn’t go through the car liking stage as a teen, I don’t know which end of the wrench makes the fixing stuff happen, nor do I feel the need to peruse ‘rims’.

In fact, I didn’t even get into the Need for Speed game franchise. I watched The Fast And The Furious hoping that Riddick would make an appearance.

That all said, I can still appreciate a shiny machine, and I’m still a gamer at heart.

So for all of those whose Venn diagrams of nerdom neatly cross between cars and games, I present this awesome and huge infographic courtesy of Motors.co.uk that lets you see some real world equivalents of the gorgeous cars of GTA: V!

You’ll have to click for the full size because it’s in epic x mahoosive resolution!

GTA Infographic Motors.co.uk


I’ve always been a Comet man!


by Bret

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