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Have you ever…

Wanted a watch made out of wood?!

I know I have!

You can tell the time, right, but also be one with nature. Well, after destroying a tree and processing its innards. Surely that’s more nature-friendly than extracting metal ore from rocks.

Sargasm aside, WeWood have made these gorgeous wooden watches which are made from recycled wood (so they really are friendly) and they even plant a new tree for each one purchased!

So, you can tell the time without offending Gaia.

Interestingly, these are made from date trees, which supposedly have curative properties that relieve arthritis. I have no idea whether or not that still works in watch format, but it would be interesting to find out.

Anyway, pretty watches. £89.00 (ooh) from prezzybox.com.

Also, WeWood Wood Watch is fun to say. If only they could have Edward Woodward as the face of the brand.

wewood wooodwatch


by Bret

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