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I’m having something of a blank day- no pertinent ideas whatsoever.

I’ve also been getting ‘into’ Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, so I might as well briefly squawk about that.

I’m currently at the stage where I’ve met Miraak (the much hailed original Dragonborn baddie from the box) and I’ve started shouting at rocks to get his stink off them.

Dragonborn, so far, is actually really cool. The new island of Solstheim is pretty big, comparable to the Shivering Isle, complete with new enemies, towns, shops, items and quests. It’s like gaining a new Hold to explore and pillage.

We have new shouts, such as one which imbues you with the essence of a dragon, basically making you ‘arder. We also have new dragons, serpentine in nature (looking a lot like the Nazghul’s flying mounts) with a slightly piscine vibe, though they leave normal skeletons. Woops.

In fact, the whole island has something of an underwater/chthonic vibe. Between the cagey brainwashed locals, strange magic, tentacle-faced monsters and ancient books that contain maddening forbidden knowledge, we basically have Skyrimmsmouth.

If you haven’t seen them yet, look forward to those books. They transport one to Hermaeus Mora’s domain and feature some very nice twisty crazy booky landscapes.

Also, werebears. Who knew?


by Bret

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