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You may recall that I waxed lyrical about a kickstarter game called Son of Nor.

Well, said game just got more awesome by about 79%.


By making telekinesis realz0rs, that’s how!

Well, sort of. But seriously, this looks like good fun. A gimmick, sure, like the Kinect- but a sign of interesting things to come and definitely a plus point to this game!

The boffins at stillalive have integrated thought control headgear into the game. Using your own humble brain waves, you can activate your character’s telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic!

Many have already seen demos of this technology that lets a computer respond to brainwave activity- but we don’t see all that many games utilising it yet.

Son or Nor will be using Emotiv EPOC to make telekinesis a reality. This is undisputed grade-A nerd boner territory.

This isn’t just for fun- it’ll be integrated and supported fully by the final game! Quite how it works is unclear- it boggles my mind.

Behold the evidence!



This is some pioneering-ass shit.

Also, how ace and enthusiastic is that guy?! I love him!

by Bret

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