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I was just having a nosey at the new Splinter Cell on Xbox and thought I’d share some screenies.

SC: Blacklist is due out on the 23rd in the UK, just a few days away. The gist is that a group of terrorist calling themselves the ‘Engineers’ are trying to curb the expansion of the US across the world (doesn’t seem so bad to me). They’ve issued an ultimatum called the Blacklist, which is a ‘deadly countdown’ of escalating attacks on US interests.

I think that means that they’re attacking increasingly important targets. They want the US to give in before it things get too explodey.

So in steps Sam Fisher, head of the new 4th Echelon (remember, the spy unit that he belonged to in most of the others) who will stop them by any means necessary, particularly any that involve crouching in the dark.

So, in response to the mixed feedback from the last game, they’re putting Sam back in his normal suit and goggles and going for a more traditional Splinter Cell game. Apparently he’s also ‘more lethal and agile than ever’ which I find a bit hard to believe when he’s been complaining about being too old for the job for the past three games.

You can choose to be a ghost, panther, or assault player: sneaky hidey, sneaky killy, or shooty facey. Personally, I don’t know why I’d play Splinter Cell without intending to hide and sneak and all that.

There will be gadgets that excite me not at all so I won’t explain them. Also you’ll get to work on building up 4th Echelon- the team, Sam’s gear and a flying fortress called the Paladin (whaaa?).

It’s not clear how the Kinect will feature, but I’m sure that’ll be fun too.

Anyway, it looks like this:

Sam looks a bit like he's had a breakdown and wandered off in the night.

Sam looks a bit like he’s had a breakdown and wandered off in the night.

Dakka dakka! I'm like a ghost, I am.

Dakka dakka! I’m like a ghost, I am.

Take fist, Alik'r scum!

Take fist, Alik’r scum!

Must... not... giggle...

Must… not… giggle…

He looks a tad bored. I suppose he's snapped more necks than I've had hot dinners.

He looks a tad bored. I suppose he’s snapped more necks than I’ve had hot dinners.


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