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Well, the big Xbox announcement is tonight at 6pm for us UK types. I was tempted to hold fire and post then with the news, but frankly, anyone who wants to see it will see it at 6pm, so there’s no need to be hasty. I’ll post about it on the morrow.

Today, something else game related. Did you see yesterday’s Batman: Arkham Origins trailer?

Well, do so now…

So, four and a half minutes of goodness. Assuming this footage is made from the game engine (it looks like it, perhaps with some extra stuff mixed in for closeups) we can immediately tell that the tech has been updated, but still has the same feel (something I really like in a set of games). I could be wrong.

Lovely character motion seen on those hapless thugs. In true batman style, they get beaten up in a dark room- fans of the bat won’t be disappointed there and I’m sure the core mechanic of the game will remain that of the previous titles.

Fortunately, batsy can survive explosions at close range. It’s because of his advanced something something armour. He does battle with Deathstroke, featuring lots of flips and spinning and general cartoony ninja stuff that isn’t really my favourite part of any superhero media. Still, it looks nice.

The arrival of Deadshot and Black Mask changes this from a sort of random batman video to a clear statement: we’re going back, back, back, back, back to the start. Grass roots batman villains, a change from the norm, perhaps a tad obscure to fairweather fans but a reward for sticking to the franchise for the hardcore fans.

It’s also been announced that pre-orders will be blessed with the Deathstroke character for challenge play. Cool, I guess. He’s this assassin sort of bloke, never really knew much about him. I’m sure he strokes the shit out of death.

See you tomorrow after that lovely new box of X has been announced. Hope it has above average whelm!

by Bret

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