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A day off today, which should mean more time to blog, but it’s a solitary day off and I’m itching to do some solid writing. Plus, I potentially have a cool announcement soon…

Anyway, I can’t believe that the issue of gay marriage is still being debated. Just allow it already!

What are you afraid of? Do you think it’ll ruin the sanctity of the historical practise of selling daughters for political or monetary gain?

Modern marriage is, largely, about love (the irony being that some cultures had already figured that out historically- not all of them behaved like the above). It has nothing to do with traditional family units, aside from perhaps the social pressure to do what’s expected (yay). How many same-sex traditional married couples go on to royally screw up a) their lives b) their kids c) each other and d) their vows to the beardy overlord in the sky?

To me, not being an adherent to any of the major religions, marriage just seems like a piece of paper that lets the government know who you choose to live with. Not that I’m against declarations of love- I just think they should be separate from legal bonds. Note that I’m also still most chuffed for my friends and family who are married- funnily enough, unlike some Conservative types, I’m happy for other people to do things they believe in even though I’m not a fan.

Anyway, if gay people really do want expensive legal documents to say who they love, let them. I can understand the argument that it’s as much about obtaining equality as obtaining the right to marriage itself. We’ve already separated marriage from religion thanks to registry offices. Thankfully, we have divorce now too, which goes some way to protecting those who are trapped by marriage and basically forced into abusive relationships with no escape. Some of them, anyway.

Tell you what, Tories- you want a good reason to legalise gay marriage? Aside from the ethical arguments and the fact that it’s what most of your country wants (you know, those people you’re meant to serve)?

It’ll double the marriage market overnight. Boom, expensive weddings everywhere. Catering, photography, clothing, registry offices and churches, parties, planning, vehicle hire, travel. And, forgive the stereotyping, but massive quantities of champagne. No, wait, that’s just for me.

The gays will bring us out of recession in two years!


by Bret

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