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I’ve been playing my way through Bioshock: Infinite slowly but surely. I think I’m about three quarters through.

I still don’t like the title. It should have been Bioshock 3, or a whole new series. Or am I wrong?

I’m loving the gameplay. Great combination of tactics and frantic action. Elizabeth as support is cool- it’s so good to have a helpful NPC who you don’t have to babysit.

I’m loving the plot too, with its wibbly wobbly dimensional quantums. It’s fresh and interesting with a nice mystery to discovery ratio. The setting is great too- it’s Bioshock in the sky, with a religious leader instead of an industrialist. Great, pretty, stylish.

I think what bugs me is the vigors. Okay, nothing in the setting is explained in detail- you’re meant to be along for the ride- but the whole drink it and gain powers thing could just do with a bit more detail, surely? I can’t decide if I like how similar it all is to Bioshock 1 and 2. I mean, it’s just the same game but in the sky and with quantums happening. Plus the inclusion of a bird and a chick.

I keep expecting a revelation that this is all the dream of the Bioshock 1’s character, or a direct alternate-world version of Ryan’s Rapture.

The plot pulls it through for me because, despite some similarities, it’s original and strong. There are some great twists and turns and really strong characters, including Booker, who has a lot more personality than past Biojocks.

It’s not clear why Elizabeth runs around the place in a corset no matter how many shops you pass. Girl has awesome lung capacity.


by Bret

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