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I’m going to meet an old Uni mate today. So that’s nice.

Catching up is excellent and recommended. In this case, I know hilarity will ensue as it always does. Together, I and this fella came up with a cast of really weird characters that I’ve mentioned before- the Inquisition.

Legmouth, Sensipenis, Panface, Emotobot, Mortod… the list goes on. Oh wait- Manbrella too. I really ought to tell you more about them one day, if I can find a non-offensive way to do it. I tried drawing them- it did not go well:


Meanwhile, I completed Bioshock last night (perhaps I was a tad further in than three quarters!). Well, blow me down… the title does make sense and so does all the other stuff I was iffy about. Vigors are still vague but I guess they’re something to do with quantums. Anyway, words eaten.




by Bret

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