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You may recall me talking about Nor (Son of).

This cool game needs your help!

Basically, the Kickstarter deadline looms two days nigh, but they’re about 15k short of their goal.

How can a game that promises to make telekinesis a reality, possibly not be backed?!

Well, in order to get more help, the stillalive boys and girls are promising a reward to all backers even if they don’t meet their target.

First up, they intend to keep making the game regardless.

Secondly in the event of not meeting the target, each pledger will get an exclusive in-game item that will not be available to anyone else. Okay, this relies on them still making the game without full funds, but I don’t see that being an issue, just a delay.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support and positive comments about Son of Nor we have received from backers and the community on our Facebook pages. We have had the most amazing comments and people are really excited about our game. We have over 1,500 people behind our project now on Kickstarter and have raised over $110k, so we really just want to say thank you to them,” said Julian Mautner, CEO.

This puts them among the first few companies to make such a promise to backers.

“We really are grateful and pleased that so many people have seen so much in our game. It has been our passion for a number of years and we are delighted by the fact so many see its amazing potential. We really do hope that in these last few days however backers, fans and friends of ours help us over the line by increasing their bid or spreading the word to friends, colleagues and family,” Mautner concluded.

They foresee, with funding, a Q2 release in 2014. Get backing here: http://bit.ly/SonOfNor!

I will if you will.

Oh, fine, I will right now!


by Bret

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