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Well, we have a new Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer to peruse.

It’s not encouraging, I’m afraid.

The new game will be set in an alternate 60s (in other words, they ran out of storylines to do in-canon) where Hitler and pals won the war and went about making the planet into Dr Robotnik’s Mean Hate Machine.

Because they’re so evil, the Nazis (with anachronistic magicpunk technology) stomp around the free world making everyone cry and wear black and so on. They even take the time to usurp key iconic events in our timeline. The bit where the Beatles’ album cover is depicted with Nazi soldiers is particularly moronic- I mean, why would they do that? It implies that four soldiers formed a band in the UK and always performed in their uniforms. How odd.

Anyway, BJ is back (lulz) to fight the Nazis and their robot suits and robot dogs and tendency to paint their flag on every paintable surface.

Have a gander:


So… yeah. At this juncture, I’m meh. It feels like one of the recent franchise reboots, which was perhaps due for Wolfenstein, but I suspect they’re rebooted it right out the window.

by Bret

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