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What gorgeous weather we’re having!

I don’t want to jinxify it, but it has been a most welcome change.

I’m super busy at the moment.

Things are in the works… potentially big things. I have good news to announce as well, but I’m holding it back for a while, because it looks increasingly likely that I’m going to re-launch this blog soon. More on that another time.

So today, just a word-of-the-day!

Hadal \HEYD-l\, adjective:

1. of or pertaining to the greatest ocean depths, below approximately 20,000 feet (6500 meters).
2. of or pertaining to the biogeographic region of the ocean bottom below the abyssal zone.


AWESOME word. For those not familiar with phonetics, it’s Hay-dal. Why? Because it stems from Hades, Greek god of the underworld. How cool is that? The hadal depths, as deep as the realm of a blasted and infernal god. It’s like a wet alternative to chthonic.

“John’s poop went ‘plop’ into the bowl, before the arcane flushing mechanism caught it in a pissy torrent that sucked it down into the unfathomable fathoms of the hadal deeps…”


by Bret

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