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No post yesterday- I was celebrating my birthday!

Now, the finalists for the Xbox Entertainment Awards have been announced- as any of you who have followed the link on your Xbox dashboards will know.


Rather than go through all the finalists, I thought I’d just pick my personal choice from each category and say why I think they deserve an award.


Best Game:

Assassin’s Creed 3. I felt that it just had the most all-round quality and entertainment value. Far Cry 3 comes a close second, because the gameplay is so intense, but I enjoyed the variety in AC3 more.


Best Family Game:

LEGO Lord of the Rings. This is possibly my favourite LEGO game yet, but I’m mostly choosing it for sheer ‘family’ value- any group of people from serious to casual gamers of various ages can pick it up and have fun smashing things and laughing at all the LOTR jokes.

Best Xbox LIVE Arcade Game:


The Walking Dead. Loving the episodic format- perfect for downloadable games- and everything that’s been done with the adventure style.


Best Add On:

Dragonborn, without a doubt. So much more content and a great Lovecraftian theme- makes Dawnguard look like little more than a fan mod.


Best TV Show or TV Series:

The Big Bang Theory. While I prefer Futurama and TWD has been going strength to strength, this is the most original newcomer for a long time that appeals to me. Once I tune out everyone’s accents.


Best Movie:

Skyfall. Best Bond film in ages for me.


Best Superhero Movie:

The Dark Knight Rises. Bane was fantastic and it tied off the trilogy nicely, though there were still a lot of silly things like nukes in trucks- but that’s superhero movies for you.


Best Comedy:

21 Jump Street. I don’t know why, exactly- I just enjoyed this the most of the bunch.


Best Album:

I haven’t listened to any of them. Woops.


Best Single:

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know. I like the plinky plonky style. The others are pants.


Best Artist:

Adele, I guess?


Best  Music Video:

Okay then, Psy – Gangman Style. Simply for the bit where he’s just screaming at a woman’s behind.


Anyway, you have until the 16th of April to vote and undo my poorly informed choices. All voters go into a sweepstake with the prize of:

•      VIP experience at Gamescom 2013

•      Xbox 360 console + Kinect sensor

•      Xbox LIVE Gold

•     TV and Movies from Xbox Video


And the pleasure of giving Microsoft some market research data.

See you tomorrow!


by Bret

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