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Afternoon all.

How’s things? Well, well, Margaret Thatcher’s dead. End of story!

So, yesterday Warner Bros. announced the next in the Batman game series- Batman: Arkham Origins.

Due out on the 25th of October, B:AO is going to be a prequel. Nobody likes a prequel, but I’m guessing they wanted to keep in lots of Joker action. Also, it should play nicely with the ‘classic batman’ vibe of the other games, which is what attracted me in the first place.

Hopefully, we’ll see less gadgetry gimmicks and more story, exploring Bruce’s first encounters and perhaps Wayne Manor. A back-to-basics game does have a certain appeal.

Hell, on that note, we want to see a bigger game than the last two- but can we expect to see Gotham City?

There aren’t any screens to show you yet (that haven’t been seen) but I’ll keep my eyes open.

In any case, I’m sure we’ll love this game. While there is some trepidation of the move from Rocksteady to WB Games Montreal, so long as the core gameplay is still there and the same voice actors (etc) then I think we’ll be fine.

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